For most people air conditioning simply cools air for comfort. Modern air conditioning is frequently more about the consistent control of air temperature and is frequently part of an HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). What ever your needs – complex or simple, large or small – Thermocool can design, supply, install, service and maintain the best system for your needs to the highest standards available to reduce your running costs.


Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial air conditioning systems create perfect ambient temperatures all year round to support staff and customers no matter the business sector: offices, retail superstores, restaurants, hotels, leisure and sports centres – to name just a few. Thermocool always ensures that the exact demands of each commercial application are met.

Laboratory Cooling

Precision is often critical in many laboratories and air conditioning can be a key component in the maintenance of laboratory conditions. Precise control of temperature, humidity and air quality can help ensure reliability and repeatability in research and development.


Hospitals have a large range of demands for air conditioning. They can require large scale and low scale systems, low-maintenance, high efficiency, air cooled, water cooled and remote condenser chillers for both critical and non critical applications. What ever your demands, Thermocool can meet them.


Direct Expansion Equipment

Direct Expansion (DX) air conditioning plants are the most common and best know. DX systems directly pass room air over the cooling coil of a refrigeration unit. Most direct expansion plants range from 4kW up to 300kW and are used to maintain temperatures and humidity within desired conditions (comfort control) for living and working spaces such as offices, computer suites and board rooms.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are air conditioning units that can be run in reverse. They have the advantage of not just providing cooling in the summer but also heating in when it is required. Typical heat pumps operate in the same 4kW to 300kW range as DX equipment.


Air conditioning can be coupled with heating and ventilation systems to achieve a perfectly controlled system for the most demanding of processes or simply for reliable comfort in large or small spaces.

To achieve the ultimate perfection many modern HVAC systems also include fresh air ventilation and humidity control.

Chilled Water Secondary

Chilled water (between 4°C and 7°C) is pumped to a remote air handler unit which transfers heat from the air to the water. The air is then used to cool the environment while the now warm water is returned to a chiller for cooling and to complete the circuit. Chilled water secondary systems can offer high capacity whilst ensuring that the captured heat is released in a suitable location.